The Park Construction,with the power of its established past;it proceeds towards to the new goals everyday by protecting the rising comprehension over the innovativeness,self-discipline,customer-centered,social responsibility,consistently progress,relability fundementals.These fundemental disciplines that have been generated with the construction company which was founded by Mustafa Yıldırım in 1989;today it has risen with group of companies which serves the most of the areas with totally 15 different firms,four seperated sectors as firstly Construction sector from Energy sector to Tourism sector.Each new projects with the signature of Park Construction is established over the mission frame of “providing life forms that is given,identity to the city” and each one is permanent value qualification with the contributed to the urban tissue.The group which with has taken the power of knowlwedge & experince from the upcoming quarter-century that combines the permanent cooperation establihed with the solution partners with qualified human resource and innovator approach.So that  it walks confidently towards to become a leader of sector,stable, growth  aim and institutionlization.








The Park Construction  which has experienced in construction sector and at the same time dynamic instutation,trade centers,official service buildings,large-scale industrial plants,tourism facilities and construction as well as according to international standarts contemporary housing.Since the first day,The Park Construction which has focused on the stable growth,high performance and the production,today it has been one of the powerful and well known brands of its sector.The Park Construction,since 1989 has made the homeowner of the thousands of families  by performing  thousands m²  of construction and it has been realized construction of various educational institutions and trade centers within the last five years,the number of people employed in the Park Construction has increased % 81.8.Between 2010-2015,The Park Construction which has developed a total of 10 concepts projects,walks with confident steps to be a successful future by investing over 250 millions TL in total.






Innovation is a concept identified that cooperate thinking and acting ability in Park Construction.The Group’s working philosophy can be summarized as the search policy always benefiting fron the latest technology and the searching for new solutions principle to achieve the highest quality.This innovative thinking,especially when exciting the forefront in the creation of original projects,is marked in all activities within the company,creates a positive synergy by strenghthening the interaction between compatible units.The concept and the approaches which gain new projects soul,adding brand value to the environment in which they are located is the natural result of this positive synergy.It’s what gains the “new” quality that emerged in life environments as well as the architectural difference .It’s attention point that gives integration with environment and renew environment.








  The Park Construction which possesses self-discipline from with its own self-confidence benefits from its personnels,specialists and their experiences while forming competition power in this sector.Both its established past and the importance which is given to high qualified human resources and also creativeness in architecture analysis are the most important factors that reveals diversity in the sector.Park Construction looks the future with differentation ability using its self discipline both in natural framework and doing new leaps in environmentally geography,aims of creating original projects.







              In recent years  ,the projects that have been carried out by creating a brand value of one of Park Construction,takes attention with architectural features and technological advantages and also it highlights living center that adds value to the environment in which they are located.Qualified housings,the importance of integrated functionality with the aesthetics of today; The Park Construction signs projects of future by focusing customer needs and expectations from today and it gives importance of carrying the brand value in each realizig projects.






According to the Park Costruction, long term value creation goals generate strong customer relationship and it shows itself with position determined in the field of social responsibility.Park Costruction which signs long-term projects with  supporting the nature,education,science and social life as well as its projects,it invests to protect permanent values in Turkey.