Park Insaat supports the development of the employees and also supports the activities which are planned and took into consideration of the needs of the company out learning, development and sharing platform which took Park Academy to life .Park Academy Park Insaat family workers personality analyses method of Project management, sales and customers satisfaction as the NLP receive training in many areas.


Park Insaat’s principle is  to make permanent to be leading company in the sector worl-wide with the technological innovation in our country transportation, it is also a worldwide enterprise which carries out the construction, sales and maintenance out of quality and satisfaction of the expectation customers with  post delivery accordance with these principles ,the company is planning activities to support the development needs of their employees learning ,development and sharing platform. As Academy Parks family workers personal analyses method or Project management, sales and services they receive  better training in many areas of NLP which increase the level of customers satisfaction and employee’s awareness, knowledge and also aims to obtain opportunities to work efficiently. Park Insaat gives the opportunities to its workers for becoming more efficient, advantageous, technologic, reliable and allows more people-oriented projects to be generated.

Believing in the boundaries of education and knowledge as well asexperience of learning, Park Insaat provides their workers through this platform to share with each other.