Trust is very important in the construction sector. Via Park Insaat Board Member, Fahri Soydinc, I met with Park Insaat projects. With the trust of knowing him for a long time, I bought an apartment and a saloon from different projects. I’m very satisfied. The friends of mine whom I suggested became house owners from the projects of Park Sembol and Park Era. Park Insaat hasn’t disappointed us, and I thank everyone who has a contribution.

Prof. Dr. Avni Gökalp Academician

We bought apartments from different projects of Park Insaat, where we found the most proper answer in our search of qualified dwelling. I believe that keeping promises and delivering apartments without asking for any extra payments is the most important factor in the construction sector. Park Insaat hasn’t twisted us. We owed our apartments with the convenient payment plans. I thank them for their close interest that they’ve shown us since the first day. I suggest it to everyone.

Serpil Karuserci Fashion Designer

I decided to evaluate my 24-years of savings by buying a house. As a result of the investigations I did, I saw that people faced a set of troubles while buying a house. When I came to Park Insaat, I saw that all questions in my mind were answered. I decided to evaluate my investment at Park Insaat without any anxiety. With my family and children, we became a house owner with the quality and assurance of Park Insaat. We’re too happy. I thank Park Insaat family. I can suggest it to everyone with my mind at peace.

Mehmet Yılmaz Agricultural Engineer

Dedicating myself to my job for 40 years, I’m someone close to the construction sector. They offer high-quality projects that are proper to every budget and can meet the needs. They show how serious and reliable firm they are with the works they do. The most important criteria of a construction is delivery in time. When we had a look at the delivered dwellings, we really witnessed that they were delivered in time and in a way they were promised. That’s why we preferred Park Insaat.

Bekir Budumlu Financial Advisor

I decided to buy realty for the purpose of investment. After the search of market, our ways ran into with Park Insaat. In the interview we did, we saw that our expectations were met. We got our apartment in the promised time and saw how true decision we made. We thank to all Park Insaat workers who helped to people like us having a stable income with making them house-owners in appropriate payment conditions.

Tufan Duymaz Bank Employer

We had been searching for a while to buy a house. I had already known Park Insaat as being someone from the sector. When we went to the interview, they offered us both proper to our budget and technically professional work. After seeing other details with a nice presentation, we decided that it was an unmissable opportunity. I’m personally very convinced and advice it to everyone as being someone professional in the field of construction.

Prof. Dr Aytaç Güven Civil Engineer