We are in urban renewal, too for adding value to Istanbul



In addition to dwelling projects drawing intense attention, Park Insaat also participates in urban renewal projects which have recently been cared by construction sector. Park Insaat aims to carry out urban renewal projects with the vision of ‘’adding value to city’’, which was executed in the previous projects.


In the renewal projects of Park Insaat, an extensive pre-work is conducted as a first step; the area’s needs and dynamics are evaluated by acknowledged experts. Also by taking the expectations of field and dwelling owners’ expectations into consideration; proper to Turkish family structure urban renewal projects come to light, whose social substructure and outfit fields are pre-considered and takes life and nature as center. Right after that, the construction process begins and gets completed quickly and with quality thanks to the help of developments in the construction technologies. By this way, not only resistant-to-earthquake dwellings are produced, but also new life and investment fields are put into practice.     




25 years old experience is adding value to Istanbul


Founded in 1989 and adding value to the city with every project it has designed for 26 years, Park Insaat aims to use the experience it has gained since its foundation for adding value to urban renewal with the brand of ‘’Park Insaat’’. Taking firm steps forward actualizing its aims, the company keeps going without giving compromise from the principles of quality, trust and original- modern architecture, which are all the basic values of the company. 






The Painful Truth of Turkey; EARTHQUAKE


When the date was 1999, August 17 Marmara Earthquake, whose center was Gölcük, occurred at 03:02 and taught a very painful lesson to Turkey. The earthquake, which cost the lives of thousands of people, taught what awry, irregular and uncontrolled urbanization can cause in a way whose tracks can’t be erased easily. In fact, 17 August Earthquake wasn’t the first earthquake that occurred in Turkey. However, that earthquake showed us the necessity of urban renewal and building earthquake-resistant dwellings for our country that many fault line passes one more time. It has a vital significance for us to build more resistant and long-lasting structures against a new Istanbul earthquake, which has a possibility to occur any moment.   




We Re-Build Your Old Dwellings


In the districts situated at the center of Istanbul, earthquake-resistant dwelling and life areas will rise up with the urban renewal; it will be executed in the blocks with 15-20 apartments that are in distinguished areas such as Kadıköy, Bostancı, Suadiye, Beşiktaş and Mecidiyeköy.





The Only Solution: Urban Renewal


Turkey started its biggest urban renewal movement with the Law numbered as 6036, named ‘’The Law about Renewal of the Districts that are Under Risk of Disaster’’ and its related regulations on 16 May, 2012. With the introduced law, it became compulsory for under-risk areas to be renewed. With the huge support of local managements, the planning and application works started without wasting time. With the actualization of projects in many cities and counties, urban renewal works keep going successfully.